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All music is published by M. Gatonska Music (ASCAP) unless otherwise noted.

After the Wings of Migratory Birds

for chamber orchestra  2006  Ca. 15'

1111– 1111- Perc. 3– PF– 64432

Commissioned by P. Underwood, American Composers Orchestra

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Works for Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, and String Orchestra

Music Compositions by Michael Gatonska

In autumn woods a traveler

for symphony orchestra  2009  Ca. 16'

3333– 4331– Tmp. Perc. 3– PF– Strings

Commissioned by Jack & Linda Hoeschler, Minnesota Orchestra

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Woodnotes, Delicate Powers, Celestial Walls

for Tenor voice and chamber orchestra  2008  Ca. 18'

1111– 1111- Perc. 2– PF–Tenor– 64421 (or 22221)


Wandering the Moon Nursery

for symphony orchestra  2005  Ca. 18’

3333-4331-Tmp. Perc. 3- PF– Strings

Commissioned by Roberts Foundation, Hartford Symphony Orchestra

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The Black Road

for chamber orchestra  2012  Ca. 25'

1111– 1111–  Perc. 2– PF– Strings


An Expedition Aboard the Third Mind

for symphony orchestra  2004  Ca. 10’

3333-4331– Tmp. Perc. 3– PF– Strings

Underwood Readings; awarded P. Underwood Commission, American Composers Orchestra

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Transformation of the Hummingbird

for string orchestra  2003  Ca. 14’

2003 MATA Festival Commission

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The Whispering Wind 

for symphony orchestra  2001  Ca. 12’

2222-4331-Tmp. Perc. 3- PF– Strings  

First Place, 2012 American Prize, Orchestral Division

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Works for Chamber Ensemble and Solo Instrument

Voyage to the Sun

for symphony orchestra  2003  Ca. 15’

2222-4331-Tmp. Perc. 3- PF– Strings  

2005 Pacific Symphony American Composers Competition Award

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One-thousand Horses

for symphony orchestra  1998  Ca. 15’

Chicago Symphony First Hearing Award, ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composers Competition

2222-4331-Tmp. Perc. 3-PF-Strings



On the Hidden Side of a Leaf 

for Flute, Snare drum, Triangle, Piano ,Violin & Violoncello  2010  Ca. 11’15”


Sketches in the Sand

for chamber orchestra  2001  Ca. 14’

Oboes 2 -F Horns 2 -Strings

Commissioned by Polish American Foundation of Connecticut


for solo Trumpet, Bass Drum & ping-pong balls  2011  Ca. 8’

Strange Fruit

Words: Anonymous

for Baritone Flute, Clarinet b-flat, Tenor Sax, Percussion, Viola, Violoncello, Contrabass  1997  Ca.  9’

ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composers Competition

A Shaking of the Pumpkin

for piano solo and optional bass drum 2007 CA. 13’

Commissioned by Kathleen Supove and the Mary Cary Flagler Charitable Trust

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On Connecticut Naturalism

for solo electric cello   2003   Ca. 18’

Commissioned by Jeff Krieger and Connecticut Commission on Art

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The Moon of Falling Leaves (Arborial Night Music I)

for Clarinet in B-flat, Violin, Viola, Violoncello, and Piano  2011  Ca. 20’

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Above, a voice

Words: Traditional Native American Text

Honorable Mention, Craig & Janet Swann Composers Competition

for Mixed Choir (SS,AA,TT,BB) and optional Piano 2005  Ca. 9’


Crow Dog

for Clarinet in B-flat solo  2010  Ca. 12’


The Painted Bird

for symphony orchestra  1996  Ca. 12’

ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composers Competition

2222, 4331, Tmp. Perc. 3-PF- Strings

Tiempo sin tiempo

Words: Anonymous

for Mixed Choir  (SS,AA,TT,BB)  2011  Ca. 8’

Sugar Maple Cosmica

solo flute and un-pitched percussion  2010  Ca. 18’

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for Violoncello Quartet 2012  Ca. 12’


The rustling season

for Percussion Quartet & Pre-recorded Soundscape 2012  Ca. 14’

Beneath Hemlock Tabernacles

for Violoncello Quartet and Pre-recorded Soundscape  2012  Ca. 15’

Commissioned by Connecticut Commission on Art


Works for Chorus and Voice

Rumbling Iron Cuckoo Bird

For Violin, Piano, and Sub-harmonic train whistle  2008  Ca.3’

Commissioned by the New York Miniaturist Ensemble

Another 500 miles from Home

for String Quintet  2012    Ca. 9’30”

The Crackle of Wild Arms

for violoncello and chamber orchestra   2011   Ca. 16’

Commissioned by Ossia Symphony Orchestra

Violoncello, 1111, 1111, -PF- Strings

DOPE and SHOVE, a Holiday Shopping Overture

Words: Anonymous

For Narrator, Piano, Drum set, Strings  2011   Ca. 5’

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Music stretched out in deep places like a thread in water...

for Electric-Cello solo and interactive computer 2012   Ca. 10’

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Soft Echoes 

A collection of  eight songs with words by: Goethe, Aldrich, Poe, Wright, Anonymous

For Voice and Piano  2012   Total duration Ca. 12’


Eco Ear Soundscapes

Tsuga Canadensis (Eastern Hemlock)

2012      Ca. 3’  

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Ocala National Forest (Live oak and Sabel Palm)

2012       Ca. 10’   

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Quercus Rubra (Northern Red Oak)

Datscha Radio ‘Gardens in the Air” Festival 2012  (Berlin, Germany)

2012      Ca. 8’   

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Autumn Tactics

for String Quartet  2012    Ca. 16’

The Charles Ives Acoustic (soundscape outside the studio of  C.E. Ives)

2012    Parts I & II  Ca. 2’30”  

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Rama  clamitans (Green Frogs)

2012     Ca. 3’  

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